Updating xmldatasource

23-Dec-2019 23:14

The syndicated content can be integrated into other websites, or can be viewed by individuals via an assortment of desktop applications. For example, the latest 4Guys articles are syndicated at An RSS syndication feed has a format similar to the following: elements, each of which represents some recent, syndicated piece of content.From the Xml Data Source's smart tag, click the "Configure Data Source" link to bring up the Configure Data Source wizard (shown below).From the wizard, you can set the Xml Data Source control's three most useful properties: properties.In the download available at the end of this article you'll find a file named To display a receipt, we need to display the customer's information, the subtotal, tax, and total, and the set of items ordered.Since there can be a variable number of items, this can best be displayed by using a nested data Web control that's bound to the set of ASP.XML data can be accessed (and displayed) just as easily with the Xml Data Source control.The Xml Data Source control makes accessing, filtering, and transforming XML data a simple, code-free process.

The contents of the XML returned by the Xml Data Source control can be retrieved as scalar values using ASP.I have this Drop Down List bound to a Xml Data Source, but the XPath must depend on another input (another Drop Down List).I modify the XPath and rebind inside the parent DDL's Selected Index Changed, but the page does not refresh. The issue must be linked to the fact that it's a user control, since linking the dropdowns outside it has no problem.Realizing I don't absolutely need these to be in a user control, I just moved them outside.

That don't really solves the issue, but at least it's not my concern anymore.For more information on RSS and the benefits of syndicating content, check out Syndicating Your Web Site's Content with RSS; also consult the RSS 2.0 Specification.