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09-Sep-2020 04:10

The scale of your network is the most important decision in planning your network, as it will influence all of your following decisions: What network applications do your users rely on the most, and how much bandwidth do these applications need?Are you providing access to file and print servers? This year will be pretty big for us here at synyx - business has been doing well and in the last couple of years, we have been grown to, as of now, employ a dedicated team of almost 50 individuals.The downside though: We are quickly running out of office space. Our new office is currently still a giant construction site, but we are confident being able to move in this summer.At thorough knowledge about current and upcoming technologies is required to make smart, effective design decisions.Are you planning to build a LAN, WAN or CAN infrastructure?Do users need access to database or application servers and if so, are they regularly moving large amounts of data throughout the network?How many employees and therefore how many networked devices do you have? Depending on your business, you might want to add some extra resources to easily be able to extend your network at a later time. Does your office layout impose any constrains on your planning?

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What physical hardware and software components are needed to implement the network infrastructure you are planning? When you are designing and building a network infrastructure from scratch, are you going with yesterdays standard or are you going to install something that will meet not only todays but also future needs?One of the biggest items that is almost always missing is documentation.

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