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26-Aug-2020 17:19

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If an INF adds a new setup class of devices to the system, it should supply a unique, case-insensitive string must be 32 characters or less.

The INF must specify a newly generated GUID value for the Class GUID entry. This entry is irrelevant to an INF that installs neither a new device driver under a predefined device setup class nor a new device setup class.

The maximum length, in characters, of a provider name is LINE_LEN.

For example, INF files supplied with the system typically specify the ) file to be included on the distribution media of a device/driver.

This class-specific GUID value also identifies the device class installer for the type of device and class-specific property page provider, if any.

For a new device setup class, the INF must specify a newly generated Class GUID value.

You should specify the appropriate value so that someone reading an INF file can determine the operating systems for which it is intended.

Any cross-platform device driver INF file that has Catalog File= and Catalog File.= entries must supply a unique IHV/OEM-determined name for each such file.Starting with Windows 2000, this entry is required.For information about how to specify this entry, see INF Driver Ver Directive.Catalog files are not listed in the Source Disks Files section or Copy Files directive of the INF.

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Windows assumes that the catalog file is in the same location as the INF file.Such requirements, if they exist, are discussed in device type-specific sections of this Windows Driver Kit (WDK).