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The World Series might have ended with a bang last night, but it started with a whimper.The San Francisco Giants made baseball history again when they swept the Detroit Tigers during Game 4, making it their second win in two years.The Series first began in 1903, and, after a one-year hiatus, has been held each season since 1905, with the exception of a labor dispute in 1994.Major League Baseball is split between the American League and the National League.Season 13, Episode 2April 10, 2018Amy is determined to balance her family life with her personal life as she throws Audrey a baby shower, and also hosts a birthday party for Chris.Meanwhile, Tori is nervous to parent alone when Zach has to travel; and Jeremy's nearly out of time to finish his home repairs.Season 13, Episode 5May 1, 2018Audrey's due date passes, so she and Jeremy must play a stressful waiting game; Amy and Chris return from their trip and attend a launch party for Matt's children's book that he dedicates to Zach and Tori's son. Meanwhile, Zach and Tori embark on their first family trip together; and Matt gets serious about possibly moving away from the farm.Season 13, Episode 3April 17, 2018Jeremy and Audrey feel overwhelmed now that their daughter is due in less than two weeks; Zach wants to remind Tori how very important she is to him; Matt and Caryn head to the beach to relax; Amy and Chris celebrate one year together by taking a wild plunge.

Since 1947, games of the series have been televised.

A continuation of the first 2 seasons under a new name, still adapting the online webcomics drawn by Himaruya Hidekaz.

Based on a popular web-released manga series by Hidekazu Himaruya, this has been described as a “cynical gag” story set in Europe in the years between WW1 and WW2 (1915-1939), using exaggerated caricatures of the different nationalities as portrayed by a gaggle of bishōnen.

Broadcasting for Fox in the series is Joe Buck as play-by-play man and Tim Mc Carver as color commentator.

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Buck, the son of broadcasting legend Jack Buck, who also has broadcasted World Series games, is a multiple Sports Emmy winner.

After several years of multiple networks televising the series, NBC had exclusive rights from 1951 to 1976, when they began alternating years with ABC, until 1990.