When to start dating after spouse dies

11-Jul-2020 07:40

It’s ok for you to share something about your late spouse as long as you can change the subject and show an interest in the person you’re dating now.However, dating should not be a therapy session, according to Keogh.That you recognise their kindness and appreciate their efforts but you are not ready for a relationship yet.(You may want to add when you do feel like finding a relationship you will let them know and you are looking forward to their help in the future).Or you may prefer to not mention this until you feel more secure.Although it is unpleasant to mention, be aware there are some who may view a bereaved person as vulnerable and may seek to exploit this (particularly, although not exclusively, in the case of internet dating).Other people might have their own ideas about how long you should grieve before dating, but since grief is an individual process, you’re the only one who really knows when you’re ready.

People grieve in different ways and it is entirely up to you if and when you want to experience another relationship.

Do you fear that if you experience rejection through dating this might bring back other feelings of loss?