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The movie starts out incredibly well, but sadly goes downhill.

We are in a bar and pretty blond Collette (Cameron Richardson) tries to get a guy to pay her for sex.

She is taken to the mansion we saw in the opening GIMP scene. Nothing good will happen to you when you find yourself on a plastic covered bed. Sure enough, the bad guy, Bishop, and his girlfriend-or-wife, fellow vampire Eve (played by the sexy Carla Gugino, who does not get naked at all, much to my disappointment) surround sexy Sadie and try to tell her this is going to be a thing. Bishop hits her, knocking her back on the bed and stunning her. They hold her down as Sadie screams and thrashes her feet, until she loses strength. By the way, just as an aside, although it is probably not visible, Sadie's face is covered in sweat in that first picture below, which is so hot. Bishop undresses her and fucks her, although we don't get to see anything. Sadie crosses paths with a detective who doesn't know what to make of her but to show he's a Real Man, he shoots her in the back. Because cops masquerading as Real Men shoot unarmed women in the back.

Bishop can't decide whether he wants to kill her first or fuck her first. Eve takes her turn with Sadie as well, which provides us with our only nudity in this entire scene. To show he's sorry he ends up removing the bullets and then handcuffing her to the bed. (I didn't much like this character, if that's not clear.) When Sadie finally convinces him that she will lead him to Bishop (where the detective expects to find his daughter, in a subplot that is fairly boring), he lets her go. There are naked people hanging upside down in this place. Pretty blond Collette strips topless, is bonked on the head and wakes up bound hands behind her back, upside down, and tape gagged, but she is eventually released.

That's something else you don't come across very often. ------- I haven't decided if Today's Pic is showing the kid's older sister dressed up like a maid, or if it is, in fact, the maid. ------- I thought Barbara Crampton did a fine job in the scene, As I watched I couldn't help thinking: You just don't see that many movies showing women strapped to operating tables anymore.

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She wakes up in a morgue drawer and kicks her way out.

Sadie walks in, busts the guy for being married, and tells Collette that she would like to take her home instead. They drive back to a mansion and go upstairs to the bedroom.

Sadie commands Collette to strip all the way, but Collette only gets down to her panties, garter belt and nylons.

You just don't see enough of that in movies anymore.

Also, that Amazon site you linked us to shows some sources of used copies for as low as 77 cents.In my artistic endeavors, I too have drawn naked or near naked adult-age babysitters victimized by fully clothed younger humans (or maybe they're midgets! They kidnap her and turn her into a vampire, giving her what they consider to be the gift of immortality.

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