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Because he was all right looking; so it might have worked.” This is her fantasy scenario playing out, I suppose. I tend to be gregarious and I gesticulate a lot and I have a wild imagination.I’ve been on a blind date but it didn’t go fantastically atrocious. I think I do best when I’m true to myself, so I can be playful but I also can exercise restraint.Without a way to reach her, though, Jack has to get clever to track down the woman of his dreams. So, if anything, I became so acutely aware of my American accent that it became almost stronger. So everyone spoke RP, and I had to know how to do that in order to pass my courses.(She laughs.) I was the only American at my college too, so I was the token American, so I couldn’t lose my accent. We’d have different semesters where we dealt with different dialects.There was nothing fantastically atrocious about it. As an actor, I think that’s where things get interesting.That said, I love the message of the movie, which reinforces the idea of taking chances and saying “yes.” We live in a time where we’re so passive because we can hide behind our technology—our cell phones and watches.

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Bell: It’s called “Estuary” (English), which is kind of a southwest London accent. They’d already decided to pick me, and thought I was really right for it.

As "Oogum Boogum" by Brenton Wood plays against a glowing blue and lavender backdrop, actress Lake Bell and her husband Scott Campbell have a mini dance party.

Suddenly, their date is interrupted when Lake glances at her Apple Watch to see a message from the babysitter: a bunch of "z"s with an adorable picture of the couple's baby.

Marriage for Life…or Not Is the “until death do us part” type of marriage a reality in this day and age?

Actress, writer and director Lake Bell explores the topic in her new ensemble comedy I Do…Until I Don’t, opening September 1.

The single-camera comedy will be an off-cycle pilot, with shooting scheduled to begin in June. Series co-creator Lake Bell will play the wife, Rio.

In March 2017 the Congressional Research Service released an extensive report on the dark web, noting the changing dynamic of how information is accessed and presented on it; characterized by the unknown, it is of increasing interest to researchers, law enforcement, and policymakers.… continue reading »

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Connections last just a few minutes then stop playing, and even drop from the network completely. … continue reading »

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"The new indoor pool complex is outstanding." Pitches are spacious, each being separated by hedges for peace and privacy.… continue reading »

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On an individual level, people who choose to live alone may become more independent and self-reliant than those who live with family members.… continue reading »

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He said this episode is the one his colleagues find most satisfying to watch because it takes a real-world phenomenon to its most extreme.… continue reading »

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