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11-Mar-2020 18:27

He has since dropped .925 million on a 15,000 square-ft mansion in Calabasas, California.Paul's brother Jake (pictured) has also courted controversy after the Disney star and social media 'influencer' was accused of terrorizing his West Hollywood neighbors last the summer." Chance questions, with a look of confusion similar to Jake's and Anthony's expressions."I'm uh, just going to see some friends, is that a problem? "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I do have friends outside of team 10 so just get off my back and enjoy the movie okay" And i jog towards the door to let myself out of the team 10 house, I quickly turn around to make sure no one's following me but am surprised to see Jake Chance and Tony watching me from the house door with suspicious looks on their faces.Disgraced You Tuber Logan Paul looked distraught as he was spotted for the first time since announcing he was taking a break from vlogging after his Suicide Forest debacle.The 22-year-old millionaire donned a grey sweatshirt, grey shorts and matching sneakers as he went for a run near his home in LA, just days after posting a tasteless video of himself laughing and joking in front of a hanging suicide vicitm in Japan.His video sparked a furious backlash from celebrities, fans and the press, leading the You Tube megastar to post not one, but two apologies, and announce Wednesday, he was taking time off 'to reflect.'Since then, the prankster, who typically posts on social media multiple times a day and shares several videos a week, has not been seen or heard of until today.When he finally ventured out on Friday, the typically jovial star looked visibly upset.

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He was followed by Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner, who called Logan an 'idiot' who doesn't 'deserve the success' he has. "Thanks guys, can't wait for them to see today's vlog, sooo liittt!! "No problem man, well see you guys later, I've got to head off! V "Ok guys see you tomorrow for some more fun, because you know..." "IT' S EVERYDAY BRO!! " Me Chance and Anthony scream at Jake's camera." I say with a hint of unintentional rudeness in my voice. "No, no it's just that who else would you want to hang out with right now, it's film night and you're part of team 10 so you gotta join us" "Yeah, AND we're watching you're favorite film, you know the one you've been begging us to watch on film night for the past 3 months! I look at Chance and see him whisper to Tony something that looked like "Where the hell is she going? I brush the though off and get in my car to Logan's house.

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Logan and I are kind of a thing, it's just that no one but me and Logan know, well Erica caught me messaging him but swore to me that she wouldn't tell anyone; especially Jake.The You Tuber has who typically posts on social media multiple times a day and shares several videos a week, has not been seen or heard since announcing he was taking a break from social media and vlogging in the wake of the Suicide Forest debacke It's been an unfortunate week for the Paul family as Logan's younger brother Jake, 20, was captured, on newly released video, repeatedly dropping the n-word during a freestyle rap.

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